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The Natural Wonders of Pakistan

By Myra Ahmed

We love nature. Pakistanis, more than anyone else, have a real admiration for all things natural: flowers, fruit, mountains. Throughout the country, we see unique and different natural wonders that truly represent Pakistan's culture and identity. Read on to explore the beauties that embellish our land of the pure.

Jasmine - a soft, musky fragrance oozing royalty. The national flower of Pakistan is an off-white, petaled structure with a minimalistic look. The contrast between the dark, bottle-green and the pure white make for a combination similar to the Pakistan flag. Jasmine is said to symbolise purity and love - mirroring Pakistan's most fundamental principles. While jasmine will always remain at the pinnacle of Pakistan's nature obsessions, we also have a great love for the mystic bougainvillea. The flowers' captivating colours create bright and cheery atmosphere and truly reflect the hustle of Pakistani cities.

Fruit is something us Pakistanis can never have enough of - whether we're creating a Ramadan fruit chaat or making a succulent chutney, fruit is always involved. Pakistan's national fruit is -- you guessed it -- MANGO! The bright orange fruit is eaten across the entirety of Pakistan and is loved even beyond the country. Mangoes are sweet, juicy and simply delectable - you cannot afford to miss this! Throughout the country, you'll find different varieties: chaunsa, sindhri, anwar ratol - absolute wonders. Pakistan is also home to some very unique fruits - one of which being Jamun. Jamun is referred to as black plum in English, but is very different in taste and texture to the common plum. It has an amazing dark purple colour and is known for its mild, nutty taste. Other fruits to try in Pakistan include chikoo, a light brown ball and the local orange, locally referred to as kinnow.

Pakistan is also home to a huge variety of animals. While this may surprise many, Pakistan is home to the snow leopard! The snow leopard is a huge cat with a gorgeous monochrome coat. Their piercing eyes will leave you mesmerised. Also found in Pakistan is the Markhor, with its majestic swirling antlers and dark cream colour, it is the national animal of the country. The Markhor is symbolic of power and bravery. Residing in Pakistan are also a huge range of mountains that tower over the country, swearing to protect it. K2, the second tallest mountain in the world, is a sight for sore eyes. The sheer size of it leaves one in awe.

This tour of Pakistan through its natural wonders explored everything from heritage to food. We truly hope that it provided you with a deep insight into Pakistan and its beauty!


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