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Pakistan's Thriving Tourism Industry

Myra Ahmed

Tourism was a concept practically foreign to us Pakistanis, who were struggling to rise above surface-level problems. However, now, the country has seen a great revolution that has brought with it a thriving tourism industry. In recent years, renowned bloggers from Pakistan, as well as all over the world, have visited the country and showed the world a new image of Pakistan and today, we discuss this.

Eva Zu Beck is a Polish travel vlogger who documents her travels on her YouTube channel, where she now has 475,000 followers. When Eva began to make videos about Pakistan, showing the world the marvels that it houses, Pakistanis were all-praise for her and her original, genuine content. Eva initially visited Pakistan for a very short period, but later came back to explore deeper. She then stayed for many months, traveling all over the country.

Khalid Al Ameri is an Emirati vlogger based in Dubai. With nearly 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, Ameri makes videos detailing his daily life, why he does what he does and often comments on social issues as well. Recently, Khalid Al Ameri visited Pakistan and produced a vlog about his journey. His wholesome vlog is adorned with breathtaking images and his interactions with Pakistani people.

Rosie Gabrielle is a Canadian biker who also recently visited our nation. Her experience was not only wonderful from an adventurous perspective, but also from a spiritual one. During Rosie's trip to Pakistan, she converted to Islam. She says it relieved an emptiness she had felt for a while and said that she believed "the universe brought (her) to Pakistan to show (her) the way". Her decision was welcomed greatly by Muslims along the world.

It is clear that the past few years have been great for Pakistani tourism and with these international influences, the country has been able to improve its image and perception. We urge you to go and check out these YouTube channels for more inspiration on where to go and what to try in Pakistan!


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