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What Reforms has Pakistan Seen in Recent Years?

By Laiba Shakeel

Around 2014, the Pakistani population began to hear words like 'tabdeeli', meaning change, 'insaf' meaning justice, but most of all, hope. A few years later, a new leader, Imran Khan, was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan and since then, a lot has changed. Today, we highlight the reforms that make the 'Naya Pakistan'. This article isn't a political endorsement, or a piece focusing on the successes of the elected party, but instead, an ode to how far Pakistan, as a country has come.

The greatest reform we have seen is political accountability. Pakistan, prior to this government, had seen decades of corruption and malicious activity, leaving the system in shambles. Oxford graduate and political leader Imran Khan spent months protesting against this, resulting in court cases, trials and investigations. When Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf came into power In 2018 it had a huge burden of work and issues waiting. Now, the Pakistani population has the freedom, knowledge and experience to fight against such activity, and hold the government accountable on even the slightest of issues.

Pakistan is home to an array of touristic locations - from mountains to cosy, lit-up streets, there is something for everyone here. In recent years, the country has seen a huge improvement in the tourism sector, with people from all over the world heading over. The greatest impact came from bloggers within and beyond Pakistan. In the age of social media, influencers traveling to Hunza and Kalam truly changed the narrative, encouraging people to go discover the beauty of our nation. Our article, 'The Thriving Tourism Sector of Pakistan', discusses this in more detail.

Award-winning app, Citizen's Portal, is a digital way people in Pakistan can reach the government. Ideas, suggestions and complaints can all be entered at the click of a button, allowing the top-most authority to stay connected with the population. This has once again reiterated the role of the everyday Pakistani in higher operations, giving the population a say in actions that will impact them most. Digital Pakistan, headed by MIT graduate Tania Aidrus, is another initiative highlighting the importance of technology. The 'roti, kapra, makan aur internet' concept has taken the youth by storm, and the projects they have in place are bound to change Pakistan forever!

Pakistan has seen hope in recent years. We have discovered how we too can make progress, but only with hard work, accountability and a genuine belief in our country. Land of the Pure is an organisation working to change perceptions, in line with recent reforms, and help bring the world up to date. Let's step away from mainstream media and discover our land ourselves.


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