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Five Hidden Gems of Pakistan

By Mishaal Butt

Pakistan’s tourism has excelled in recent years, bringing out many distinct and unique locations for tourists and residents alike to enjoy. Whether you live in Pakistan or are looking to head out of the comfort of your homes to view the many splendid delights that await you, this article will cover (and hopefully satisfy) your craving!

Whether you’re young or whether you’re old, food is something that will always bring the family together. Food Street, located in Lahore, offers a wide cuisine ranging from simple foods to fine dining and boasts of stunning views of the Badshahi Mosque as you enjoy your meal. The street is also well-known for its vibrantly coloured, old-fashioned buildings, garnering the attention of those ‘instagrammable pictures’! Kids will also LOVE the games and attractions available including airgun shootings, darts and even more!

Explore the captivating lights of the Khewra Salt Mines located in the north of Pind Dadan Khan. The world’s second largest salt mine contains many intricate Pakistani structures – built purely of salt. View the Badshahi Mosque, Great Wall of China and Minar-e-Pakistan with their radiating warm glows or even buy some salt-made souvenirs to treasure a lifelong memory.

Although more of a journey for the average person, Hunza Valley is seeming unbeatable when it comes to breathtaking views (literally the air is so clean). Situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, Hunza Valley’s scenery is seemingly like paradise on Earth, with many small villages scattered throughout the area offering tourists an insight into to Pakistani culture. Although the mountains are the main attraction, camping next to the lakes (Attabad Lake is gorgeous!), engulfed in the surrounding landscape is a matchless, once in a lifetime experience.

For those who wish to have a deeper insight into historical lifestyle, Lahore Fort would be the ideal place for them. Built in 1566 by Emperor Akhbar, Lahore Fort has been modified many times before reaching its final current form. It’s beautiful, intricate tile work on the interior create multiple photo opportunities! The highlight, however, must be the elephant path, constructed with wide steps and shallow depth to allow for royals on elephants to enter the palace – a truly historic monument.

More high-rise attractions? Deosai National Park will ensure you get your fill of the rich air the countryside has to offer. Its locale being close to Hunza Valley makes it the ideal destination for Northern Pakistan enthusiasts, bearing fit to its nickname “land of flowers”. Vast plains invoke spectacular shots with wildlife embellishing every corner creating a perfect getaway from reality.

I hope this article has provided you with inspiration of where to visit next. Pakistan is a plethora of untapped beauty and today and we have uncovered five hidden gems – only the tip of the iceberg. After discovering all these unique beauties, where are you planning to go next?


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