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A Tour of Pakistan

Maria Faisal

Welcome to Pakistan. Pakistan is not all that news channels and daily papers depict it to be. In short, it is a country with heartwarming hospitality and a diverse landscape, from the gorgeous mountains to thundering waterfalls. Pakistan was recently entitled as the top tourist attraction in the world after a memorable visit from their royal highness: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Places in Pakistan rarely cross people’s minds but are some of the most magnificent places on earth.

The Fairy Meadows is one of them. Locally known as ‘Joot’ and is near one of the base campsites of the Nanga Parbat located in Diamer district Gilgit. Oh, how do I begin with describing its beauty: Fairy Meadows is like a bouquet of flowers and lush green grass which is set before the towering killer mountain, Nanga Parbat. The mountain acts as a backdrop for the fairy meadows, resulting in a gorgeous landscape - truly a sight for sore eyes. Fairy Meadows is where the fables of Nanga Parbat are kept alive, told by generations of villagers of Tato.

Deosai is known as "Land of the Giants," and is located on the boundary of the Karakoram and the Western Himalayas, about 4000 meters above sea level. Here, a set of snow-dusted mountains rise from the alpine plateau of Deosai national park. The plain has been covered in snow for nearly 8 months. However, when spring arrives; the lush valley is swept by wildflowers and rare butterflies.

Lastly, the often-missed beauty of Punjab. The majestic Derawar Fort is located about 100 km from Bahawalpur – true magnificence! It is an exceptional baked clay brick structure standing tall in its glories even after twelve centuries. The Fort is said to be visible from miles away, which makes it a wonderful tourist attraction. The fort is believed to have 40 bastions and stands 100ft tall. Fantastic architecture for the Abbasi family! Although it was originally built for the Nawab of Bahawalpur, Sadeq Mohammad Khan, who captured the fort in 1733, rebuilt it to how it looks today!

This is how miraculous Pakistan is; these were just a few words, you must see it for yourself to truly experience the taste of Pakistan.


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