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Khush Aamdeed!

Myra Ahmed

Pakistan is a country located in South Asia, conceived in 1947, after partition from India. Pakistan has had its fair share of turmoil - which the world is very well aware of. But we are beyond that. Today, I write urging you to visit our country and I promise you, every single Pakistani waits to welcome you.

Having lived in some of the world's most diverse places, I have heard all sorts of perspectives of Pakistan. I want you to hear mine.

My country is a plethora of beauty - luscious peaks and historical marvels are scattered all over. From Badshahi Masjid to K2, there is so much that you have not dared to explore. My purpose for developing Land of the Pure was to bring out the real Pakistan and show you not only what you can experience in our country, but how and where you can experience it. Go ahead and explore the rest of our articles and I assure you, you will find something to add to your bucket list!


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